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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Feb 2, 2021

#105: How to embed a new role when working Virtually 

In this episode I wanted to talk you through and share some advice on how to successfully embed a new role when you are working virtually, even though many of us are months and months into this pandemic and are used to working virtually it is a challenge introducing clinical roles when we don't have that face-to-face interaction with the team as we usually would, and in the field of primary care, and in my particular niche, which is working in primary care networks, I know many people have indirectly made the error of thinking once we've recruited, then we're sorted and they have underestimated how much time and attention and investment is required in making sure those new roles feel welcomed. 

In order to successfully embed a new role, it starts before they join your organisation, and it starts in the design of the role. You have to think very carefully on what do you want the role to do?  

Start at the very beginning 

This all starts at the very, very beginning. Even before you've created the job description, what do we want this role to do? And it should be a collaborative effort. If you're in a primary care network, it is an exercise that is done with more than just the clinical director. We need all of the practices on board.  

For those of you operating outside the field of primary care, you will need to work out who you need to be talking to, to make sure when you do recruit, everybody is as clear as they can be on what this person is going to be doing. And to design that role either virtually or in person, get out some post-it notes and process map what the patient journey looks like. Now, work out where the gaps are and then process map what that role would look like if you had your ideal role or that missing piece of the jigsaw in place. 

Celebrate Small Wins 

Another area where I feel like people overlook this, and this is celebrating small wins. So again, your new hire is working virtually. So if they have a good day, who are they going to tell? And the answer is, they're going to tell you, and then you're going to broadcast that into your organisation. If they don't feel comfortable doing it themselves.  


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