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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Jun 22, 2021

139. - How to create effective meetings 

In this episode I wanted to talk you through and share with you some back to basics tips on how to create effective meetings. A lot of time and effort goes into this and I wanted to share this with you guys. 

This podcast is honestly applicable to any management role.   It doesn't really matter where you are, it's the skills and how you apply them to your area of work.  

Topics to listen out for  

  • Taking care of your basic needs first 
  • Revisit the purpose of the meeting 
  • Diversity of roles in the meeting 
  • What needs to be shared? 
  • Meeting etiquette 


Links to items discussed in the Podcast. 

Back in episode 127, I talked you through how to carry out a communications audit,  - click here to listen to this episode. 


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