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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Aug 24, 2021

157 Do not say no because you are scared 

Welcome back to the business of healthcare podcast. I hope you guys are doing well. In this episode, I wanted to do a little bit of a re-introduction as we have new listeners, which is absolutely fab, and I also wanted to say thank you to our regular listeners, we love that you come back each week and spend your time listening to our Podcast.  

We launched in September, 2019 and at the time of recording, we have recorded well over 160 episodes and the show continues to grow. On Tuesdays on the Business of Healthcare Podcast, it is usually a solo episode where I'm just sharing what's going on behind the scenes, in my own health consultancy and we've also had a period of time where I've been listening back to some of my favourite episodes and then drawing out a short clip and then re sharing that and providing my commentary on either side.   

We did that because we've got such an archive of content. I think it's really important to revisit what we've already heard and what we already know, because we're not always consistently practicing it.  It's not always about producing new content, sometimes it's about revisiting the discussions that's already been.   

On Thursdays, that is where I interview a healthcare leader and they share what goes on behind the scenes of their business and their leadership journey to date. The point and purpose of the show is to provide an informal space for you to hear from healthcare stars that you may not be aware of, and also to introduce you to just everyday leaders and their stories. 

In this weeks episode I discuss why not to say no because you are scared, I wanted to give you a real life example of how I let my imposter syndrome get in the way. I’m sure this has happened to many of us out there! 

This week on The Business of Healthcare: 

  • How I let my imposter syndrome get in the way 
  • Discussing your concerns with trusted friends/colleagues 
  • Sharing experiences 


Work with me 

I’m Tara Humphrey and I’m the founder of THC Primary Care, a leading healthcare consultancy. I provide project and network management to Primary Care Networks and consulting support to clinical leads. To date, I’ve worked with 11 Training Hubs and 12 Primary Care Networks. 

I have over 20 years of project management and business development experience across the private and public sector and have an MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare. I’m also published in the London Journal of Primary Care and the author of over 200 blogs. 

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