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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Dec 5, 2019

BH019 How Dexcom is revolutionising the management of Type 1 Diabetes with Karen Baxter

Karen Baxter is the Senior Director at Dexcom UK, a diabetes management company specializing in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. She brings two decades of healthcare experience to this role and has previously worked in leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson, Innovex, and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. Throughout her career, Karen has worked in sales, marketing, and business management positions, and has done work related to diabetes for over ten years.

Karen joins me today to discuss the past, present, and future of Dexcom and the strategic leadership decisions she has made within the company. She highlights the products Dexcom offers and the importance of having an open line of communication between company and customer. Karen also shares advice on recruitment and leadership for those looking to launch a startup in the healthcare space.


“Where companies really lose their way is when they stop listening to their customers.” - Karen Baxter


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Dexcom’s history and organizational structure
  • Karen’s history in the healthcare industry and how she started working at Dexcom
  • How Dexcom’s products work and its impact on diabetes management
  • Karen’s thoughts on NHS and the future of medical technology funding
  • The types of diabetes Dexcom’s devices are suited for
  • Why Karen decided to implement a subscription model
  • The importance of quality assurance, technical support, and customer feedback
  • Future additions to Dexcom’s portfolio and how long it takes to develop new products
  • How Dexcom engages patients and customers in the development process
  • Where Dexcom’s funding comes from
  • What Karen learned about business leadership from her time in the Armed Forces
  • Advice for healthcare entrepreneurs and startup employees

Connect with Karen Baxter:

  • Dexcom
  • Customer Sales Support Line: 1-888-738-3646
  • Technical Support Line: 1-844-607-8398


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