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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Dec 12, 2019

BH020 - How CCG Supplies are Leading Their Business with Values and Value

 Ben Elvidge serves as Company Director at CCG Supplies, a full-service healthcare organization that provides information technology resources and medical supplies to clients such as the NHS. In addition to his work with CCG Services, Ben is the co-founder and former Co-CEO of a charity called Don’t Mind Me UK, which aims to provide a place for connection and conversation regarding mental health. Ben also works as Company Director at Elite Cricket, a company that produces bats for cricket players internationally.

Ben joins me today to discuss his work with CCG Supplies, and his insights on how his company has become one of the leaders in the medical supplies space. He shares how the value of customer service is a cornerstone of CCG Supplies and the importance of ethics in business. Ben also provides an inside look into how CCG Supplies operates and the lessons he has learned while running the company. 


“Industry recognition is lovely, but it only goes so far. Without your clients, you’re nothing. Without your suppliers, you’re nothing.” - Ben Elvidge

This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • The history, culture, and growth of CCG Supplies
  • How CCG has achieved a 100% recruitment success rate
  • The one goal that every team member within CCG Supplies works towards
  • CCG Services’ sales and customer service strategies
  • What products CCG Services produces
  • How CCG Services continues to grow as a profitable company
  • How CCG Services supports primary care networks and the resulting impact
  • How the company’s leadership team divides responsibilities
  • Ben’s thoughts on why CCG Services is rapidly growing and the competitive advantages the company has
  • How Ben’s strengths contribute to his leadership of CCG Services and where he feels those strengths derive from
  • Tough times Ben has faced in his work with CCG and the key lessons he has learned as a result
  • Ben’s advice for those working in the healthcare space

Connect with Ben Elvidge:


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