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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Jun 29, 2021

#141: In Conversation with my Health Coach Dr Helen Lawal 

I had a fabulous time talking with my guest today Dr Helen Lawal who is also my Health Coach. We discuss a variety of topics and shed some light and helpful advice towards the benefits of investing in yourself.  This is a great episode to listen to if you are...

Jun 24, 2021

#140: Supporting Social Care to become best in class – Liam Palmer 

Liam Palmer is a registered Care Home Manager, Author, Podcast Host and Tech Advocate and he is such a nice guy! Listen out to the funny story! 

We cover a lot in this episode which is detailed below – we...

Jun 22, 2021

139. - How to create effective meetings 

In this episode I wanted to talk you through and share with you some back to basics tips on how to create effective meetings. A lot of time and effort goes into this and I wanted to share this with you guys. 

This podcast is honestly applicable to any management role.   It...

Jun 17, 2021

#138: Content, Connection & Control – Jack Jacob 

Jack Jacob is the Managing Director of a company called PNE-UK which is a learning and networking hub for leaders in public sector innovation. 

Jack joins me on the podcast today to talk about his niche, setting up his events company and how he has coped with the...

Jun 15, 2021

BH137 – Do you need a written Vision & Mission? 


In this weeks solo episode, I wanted to talk to you about whether it’s important for your Primary Care Network or Organisation to have a written Vision & Mission? 

Topics to listen out for; 

  • Infinite Purpose 
  • Team members Interpretation 
  • Proactively supporting...