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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Feb 8, 2023

“Creating the culture and leading by experience” is a mantra this week’s podcast guest, Ankish Patel, swears by. 

As Chief Pharmacist and Head of Primary Care Workforce at Nottingham City General Practice Alliance, Ankish has responsibility for supporting over 150 members of staff spanning 8 primary care network areas and it’s clear; he knows his stuff when it comes to managing, developing, and getting the best from his team.  

So I took this opportunity to quiz this self-confessed board game geek (and long time Man City fan) on all things leadership and workforce covering (and not limited to): 

  • His preferred approach when it comes to workforce development and why a ‘bottom up’ method resonates so strongly 
  • Consideration and modelling of staffing structures
  • Balancing federation priorities alongside what’s most important to staff on the ground and ensuring their voices are heard
  • Recruitment and hiring dos and don’ts
  • Sowing the seeds for innovation
  • The power in evidencing the impact of what we are achieving both in qualitative and quantitative terms
  • Why the journey to success is just that (i.e., it’s a marathon, not a sprint) 

And a top tip for aspiring future leaders, according to Ankish? To listen, listen some more, and help those around you to solve their own problems. 

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