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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Mar 29, 2023

I’m incredibly excited to be joined this week by Accurx CEO and Co-Founder Jacob Haddad! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Accurx (where have you been?!) they are a health tech company who specialise in delivery of communications software, primarily (to date) across the general practice landscape. Put simply; if you’ve had a text from your own GP, it’s likely to have been powered by the Accurx solution. 

As Jacob is co-founder of one of the healthcare industry’s fastest growing tech company, it will come as no surprise to our regular listeners that I was keen to quiz him on all things leadership, as well as find out more about the Accurx journey more broadly (and a key shift in their product focus and delivery along the way). 

So, listen now to find out more about: 

  • Jacob’s leadership style 

  • His role, responsibilities, and ambitions now (versus when he first started out) 

  • What a typical week in the life of a health tech CEO looks like and what Jacob enjoys doing most 

  • Recognising opportunities and how to make the most of the lucky breaks 

  • Reflecting on mistakes and misjudgements and how they can still positively shape progress 

  • Accurx company culture, structure, and evolution 

  • Why maintaining a strong user focus has been fundamental in the Accurx success story 

….and why post-it notes matter when it comes to marketing! 

If you’d like to connect with Jacob, and / or find out more, he is contactable via Twitter or LinkedIn 


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