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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Feb 13, 2020

Dr William Dawson is from the OneMedicalGroup, where he is the Chief Medical Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Working in North Leeds, he is also a working GP and involved in Primary Care Networks. As a father of two, he loves cooking going to the cinema and learning to paint.

Will joins me today to talk about wellbeing, compassion and leadership. With his experience of growing and implementing a culture at OneMedicalGroup, he shares the clear vision and mission that is driving their behaviours. As a compassionate leader himself, we talk about the importance of wellbeing and why it’s personally so important to him. Will offers leadership advice on how you can be kind to yourself and learn from your mistakes.

“If you have better wellbeing it makes you more compassionate, more empathetic and the results are we get better patient quality of care, patient safety and better staff and patient experiences.” – William Dawson


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Insight into Will’s personal journey and professional background.
  • The importance of wellbeing and why it’s important to Will.
  • Being a compassionate leader and embracing that ethos as an organisation.
  • Who OneMedicalGroup are and their various different services.
  • The growing pains of growing a company and understanding why things go right or wrong.
  • Will’s leadership advice.
  • Learning to accept and manage uncertainty when we can.
  • Understanding priorities and learning to let things go.


Connect with Dr William Dawson:


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