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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Nov 12, 2020

Tommy is the Co-Founder of Medics’ Money, which is the go-to site for doctors looking for advice and resources on how to better manage their money. They have a host of resources including e-books, a youtube channel, a very popular e-newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers and they also have a podcast.

Dr Tommy Perkins joins me to talk about his business Medics’ Money. He talks about how they are a small, lean business supported by lots of automation so they can continue to still work as doctors. Tommy shares how they have been growing the business and discusses whether they are in control or running to catch up with it. And Tommy shares his philosophy of business because what they know they give away for free.


“We noticed that non-specialist advisers tended to give out incorrect advice. So, we built a network of people we considered to be the very very best.” Dr Tommy Perkins


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Who Medics’ Money are and what they do.
  • How they support doctors.
  • Why they started Medics’ Money.
  • How they are growing the company.
  • Tommy’s philosophy of why they have grown so quickly.
  • Why they give away their knowledge and expertise for free.
  • How to develop a business strategy that feels good and gives you a return.



Medics’ Money Podcast:


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