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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Oct 29, 2020

Shermeena Rabbi is a speech and language therapist and is the Founder and CEO of Unlocking Language. Unlocking Language provides speech therapy to children and adults, and due to Covid they are now working internationally and online.


Shermeena joins me today to discuss her perception around private business and NHS business. We discuss innovation and Shermeena’s dream of brining artificial intelligence into the world of speech and language. She gives some simple practical tips on how to speak heroically online. We talk about the power of speaking slowly, leadership and how sometimes being a CEO can be lonely. And Shermeena shares with us what collaboration between Unlocking Language and the NHS could look like.


“I went into speech therapy because I am a firm believer in communication being a basic human right.” Shermeena Rabbi


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Perceptions of Private Business vs NHS Business.
  • How there may be a role for artificial intelligence in the future.
  • Practical tops on how to speak heroically online.
  • The power of speaking slowly.
  • Leadership and being a CEO.
  • The importance of having a coach and a mastermind group.
  • What collaboration with the NHS could look like.


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