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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Nov 19, 2020

Ram Rajaraman is the CEO of Chai Analytics, a company on a mission to change the way decisions are made in healthcare, by developing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered solutions that provide highly accurate, actionable, and trustworthy forecasts. Ram is an experienced senior leader with over 11 years of demonstrated experience in digital transformation in the hospital & health care industry. He’s passionate about combining AI techniques to solve complex problems and improve patient outcomes.


I had the amazing pleasure of talking to Ram Rajaraman on the podcast today to talk about his journey with Chai Analytics. We talked about the future of data analytics and how it can impact the healthcare industry. Ram explained the challenges he faced while developing his innovative business during the covid-19 pandemic. He also shared his thoughts on how to scale a business organically while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing resources in an effective way.


"In other industries, demand it’s step one in terms of understanding your production line effectively and planning your capacity based on predicting demand. I do truly believe it can be done in healthcare." Ram Rajaraman


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • (1.30) Introduction to Ram Rajaraman and Chai Analytics
  • (4.40) How data analysis works and affects industries
  • (13.10) Starting a business during Covid 19
  • (18:57) Lessons learned after starting Chai Analytics
  • (24:00) Discussing funding and investors
  • (27:00) Work-life balance
  • (31:39) When to hire new team members
  • (38:34) Fast personal Q&A


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