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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Dec 10, 2020

Owain Rhys Hughes is a serial entrepreneur, an ENT Surgeon, and the CEO of Cinapsis. Cinapsis provides a platform where clinicians are connected for them to understand patient problems, the speed in which the patient needs to be seen and who is best to manage that patient going forwards.

Owain joins me today to talk about what led Owain to starting Cinapsis and the gap they are filling with their platform. He shares how they innovate their service rapidly by constantly applying updates and new approaches. He shares the different approaches needed for clinical work and running a business, and he talks about how as a business, they can be better by listening, helping and responding.


“It’s about understanding what the problem is, how quickly we need to address it and who the best person is to provide that advice – and that is what Cinapsis does.” Owain Rhys Hughes


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Who Cinapsis are and what they do.
  • How they constant update and improve their services.
  • The different approaches needed for clinical work and running a business.
  • The importance of listening, helping and responding.
  • How to identify ‘what’s in it for them’.
  • How they are supporting both Primary Care and Secondary Care.

Connect with Owain Rhys Hughes:


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