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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Jan 12, 2021

As we are soon to be approaching our 100th podcast episode, I wanted to address the topic of selling. Whether that is selling products and services or selling ideas, I know many of you find this challenging for various reasons, and likewise, I have also struggled with this.

The topic of selling is HUGE, so I won’t attempt to cover everything in just one episode. Today I will cover:

  1. Background on my own consultancy

I run a consultancy specialising in supporting Primary Care Networks, general practices, GP federations providing business consultancy and interim project and operational management. We also work with healthcare entrepreneurs and people wanting to establish a service in the field of health.

  1. The fear of selling and why we buy

I think many people fear selling their services because they do not want to come across as too salesy, they do not want to put people off and be seen as annoying. I also think there is a big fear that they won’t be liked.

  1. Valuing your own and other people’s expertise

Today I’m asking you – would you expect your employees to turn up to work for free? If you hired their services, would you expect a personal trainer, an assistant, an accountant, or a solicitor to work for free?

You have the expertise; you have the qualifications and the track record. You already give tonnes of value for free. The next imperative step is to get paid.

  1. How to show someone your credentials and expertise

There are many ways you can showcase your credentials and expertise. I share some of the things that I do including:

  • Blog writing
  • Free resources
  • Guest speaking
  • Sharing testimonials
  • Sharing Case studies
  • Sending weekly newsletters
  • Tips and advice on social media
  • Offering help in WhatsApp groups.

What could work for you?

Keep listening and over the next few weeks, I will talk you through how to sell and more importantly how to sell with confidence.


Work with me

I offer two key services:

  1. Interim primary care network management support
  2. Coaching calls for healthcare professionals

Now if this podcast resonated with you and are a healthcare professional requiring some dedicated 1-2-1 to help you work through some of the challenges around building your business and selling your services, I would love to help you. Click here to work with me.

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