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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Oct 17, 2019

BH009 Why your organisation needs radical candor


What is ‘radical candor?’ According to experts, it is our moral obligation to say what we think, to challenge others, and to be personally challenged in a humane way. In the healthcare industry, our actions can significantly impact our patients. When we withhold information, we inadvertently put our patients - as well as our professional credibility - at risk. So how can healthcare professionals encourage radical candor in their organisation?


In today’s episode, I explain what radical candor is in the healthcare environment and why you need to encourage your healthcare team to speak openly and candidly about issues. I explain why many healthcare professionals are hesitant about being open and honest about their thoughts and opinions in the professional environment. I also explain why it’s important to develop a safe environment for your team to be honest about their concerns or opinions and how being candid shows that your team cares about the success of the project.




“We are not there to be liked. We are there to lend our expertise to get the job done.” - Tara Humphrey




This week on The Business of Healthcare:


  • What it means to be radically candid in the healthcare environment
  • Why many healthcare professionals are hesitant of being completely honest with their peers
  • How being radically honest enables you to share your expertise and gain clarity on challenging obstacles
  • Understanding that radical candor has little impact on your professional career
  • How to develop a culture and environment of safety to encourage radical candor
  • How radical candor comes from a place of care and compassion and prevents second-guessing and gossip among your team



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