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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Nov 21, 2019

BH017 Lantum - Building a Business to Save the NHS £1Billion with Dr.Ishani Patel


Dr. Ishani Patel is a GP, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Lantum, an organization on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare workforce and reduce the NHS’s staffing costs through effective operating systems and mentorship for healthcare professionals. She is a contributing author for the Pulse blog and has led the development of online learning modules for the Royal College of GP’s. Dr. Ishani earned her Bachelor’s in Medicine from King’s College - London and is currently earning her Executive MBA in Business Administration and Medicine from the University of Warwick - Warwick Business School. She regularly speaks on topics related to early cancer detection in primary care - a topic she is deeply passionate about.


Dr. Ishani joins me today to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Lantum and how the organization is helping the NHS save £1-billion in staffing costs. We discuss the process they used to gain capital investments to start their business and the different departments at Lantum. We discuss how the company began working with leading healthcare experts and how they expanded their services from primary to secondary and integrated care systems. We also discuss how Dr. Ishani manages her various roles as an entrepreneur and GP and her perspective on turning negative feedback into a positive experience.




“We’re not pro locum over other types of working. We’re supportive of how YOU want to work as an individual.” - Dr. Ishani Patel




This week on The Business of Healthcare:


  • Ishani’s career trajectory and what inspired her to work in the healthcare industry
  • Lantum’s mission and how it differs from other platforms in their space
  • How their platform has impacted agency spend on staffing and recruitment retention
  • Their mission to help the NHS save £1-billion in primary, secondary, and integrated care systems
  • How Lantum’s vision has evolved over the years
  • How they gained venture capital funding as a healthcare startup
  • Lantum’s company culture and the type of professionals they’re currently recruiting
  • How she manages the different roles she plays in her career as an entrepreneur and GP
  • Why she decided to earn an MBA and how it has enhanced her professional career
  • Ishani’s current role and responsibilities at Lantum
  • How she handles negativity as a high-profile, female leader in healthcare
  • How she manages her time as an entrepreneur and healthcare professional
  • The current challenges they face at Lantum and how they plan to overcome them
  • Ishani’s strategy for building and expanding her local and global professional network
  • Ishani’s advice for healthcare professionals thinking about entering the primary care sector
  • Her advice for entrepreneurs that want to start a business in the healthcare space



Connect with Dr. Ishani Patel:






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