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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Aug 17, 2021

BH155 – How transactional activities lead to transformational change with Sophie Edwards 

In this short episode I will be sharing an extract with from one of my very early podcasts with Sophie Edwards Click here to be taken to the original episode. 

Sophie is an organisational development consultant, a facilitator and a certified coach and trainer and she is fantastic.  I met her working through the NHS England Time for Care faculty helping practices to facilitate change using quality improvement principles.  The reason why I wanted to revisit this episode is that the progression of integrated care systems and the need, desire, direction and mandate to transform the way we deliver care and to collaborate. 

I wanted to revisit what is transformational change V’s transactional change and I think Sophie explains it beautifully. 


Topics to listen out for; 

  • The distinction between transformational and transactional change 
  • What transformational change feels like and how you can tell it has occurred 
  • Why change is so difficult to achieve 


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