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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Mar 29, 2023

I’m incredibly excited to be joined this week by Accurx CEO and Co-Founder Jacob Haddad! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Accurx (where have you been?!) they are a health tech company who specialise in delivery of communications software, primarily (to date) across the general practice landscape. Put...

Mar 22, 2023

I always work hard to dig a little deeper and deliver raw and honest podcast material, from my own perspective and that of others, and this week’s episode truly does not disappoint.  

I had the total pleasure of interviewing Gus Kennedy; Managing Director of Hero Health, soon to be new Dad, cricket lover and

Mar 15, 2023

Hey, and welcome back to the Business of Healthcare podcast…. recording from Nashville, Tennessee! 


In episode 224 I talked about travel being firmly back on the agenda (since the height of the pandemic has passed) and how 2022 was a big travel year for me both nationally and internationally. 



Mar 8, 2023

It’s International Women’s Day and with this in mind, today’s Business of Healthcare podcast guest really requires no introduction.  

I am extremely proud to feature NHS England Director for Clinical Integration (and deputy lead responsible for the delivery of the Covid vaccination programme), GP, Mum of two...

Mar 1, 2023

One reoccurring thought I am having currently is around the concept of over-delivering.

The age-old saying is that “we should under promise and over deliver and then everyone’s happy, but I don’t think this approach in the field of healthcare is sustainable.

Most people just want what you said you would do, and...