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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Nov 28, 2019

BH018 Understanding Change and What It Requires with Sophie Edwards


Sophie Edwards is an organisational development consultant, facilitator, certified coach, and trainer, helping organisations strategically approach and navigate change. Sophie currently works as faculty on NHS England’s Sustainable Improvement Team and has also served as Associate Programme Director at a public sector consultancy called Shared Intelligence. Sophie offers her extensive expertise to individuals and teams at all organisational levels and specialises in drafting processes that elevate engagement within change initiatives.


Sophie joins me today to discuss different types of change and how they are characterised, along with leadership skills that should be taken into consideration while working towards change. She shares the importance of feedback and support in the process of undergoing change, and how to manage imposter syndrome and your inner critic. Sophie also highlights whether all team members must be on board with change for it to be effective and factors that may impact their desire to engage.



“People have got to feel that change is in their interest. Otherwise, every inch of them is going to unconsciously resist.” - Sophie Edwards




This week on The Business of Healthcare:


  • The distinction between transformational and transactional change
  • What transformational change feels like and how you can tell it has occurred
  • Why change is so difficult to achieve
  • The price we pay when we don’t make necessary changes
  • Why even small changes can be meaningful
  • Whether or not all team members must be on board for change to occur
  • Factors that impact an employee’s desire to engage with change initiatives
  • Communication strategies to implement when asking team members to get involved
  • How to decide who should be the “face of the change” within your organisation
  • The importance of feedback to ensure that a proposed change is truly needed
  • Necessary skills to lead system-wide changes and the importance of your “why”
  • How to move forward while experiencing imposter syndrome and your inner critic
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with trusted support while implementing change initiatives


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