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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Jun 30, 2022

197 How to Influence Change 

To all of our listeners welcome back to The Business of Healthcare Podcast! Back in March 2022 we shared that we were going to take a little bit of a break, we ended on episode 196 The Importance of Collaboration and here we are back with episode 197 with me talking about How to Influence Change.   

We have a great series of guests lined up for you over the next few weeks but firstly I wanted to say a big hello to all of our existing and new listeners and share with you all what has been going on over the last few months. 

In today’s episode I talk about my views on how to influence change - let me know your thoughts! 


This week on the Business of Healthcare Podcast 

How do incredible leaders influence change in the NHS 

Being able to influence decisions 

No one person or team in isolation has the answer  

What am I trying to achieve and what are the barriers 

Being reflective 


Work with me 


I’m Tara Humphrey and I’m the founder of THC Primary Care, a leading healthcare consultancy. I provide project and network management to Primary Care Networks and consulting support to clinical leads. To date, I’ve worked with 11 Training Hubs and supported 19 Primary Care Networks and 3 GP Federations.  I understand and appreciate the complexity of healthcare and what it takes to deliver projects across multiple practices. 


I have over 20 years of project management and business development experience across the private and public sector and have an MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare. I’m also published in the London Journal of Primary Care and the author of over 245 blogs. 


From coaching to courses. Our blog, newsletters and the Business of healthcare podcast. We are a small team hugely passionate about Primary Care Networks and the PCN Manager role.   

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Improving the Business of Healthcare – One Episode at a Time  


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