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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Jan 9, 2020

Are you prepared to move forward into 2020 with clarity, direction, and focus? By strategising your goals and structuring your time accordingly, you can make every day count and have clarity on how to approach the various requests and demands thrown at you. With planning, you will no longer be thrown off by the ever-changing nature of the healthcare industry and can effectively prioritise what needs to get done to stay on track with what is important to you and your organisation.


Today, I share an update on my work at THC and strategies I am implementing in the new year to support my present and future professional goals and commitments. I discuss my ambitious nature and how I stay organized and focused by mapping out my schedule for 90 day periods. I also highlight my journey with the Business of Healthcare Podcast thus far and how I hope to build the podcast moving forward to help even more healthcare professionals gain insight and enhance their performance.


“Once you get that clarity, it’s like a weight off of your shoulders.” - Tara Humphrey



This week on The Business of Healthcare:


  • My hopes with the Business of Healthcare podcast as we move into the new year
  • Aspects of my personal brand I intentionally worked on in 2019
  • What is currently going on behind the scenes for me in my work at THC
  • The importance of strategic planning in supporting my goals and commitments
  • My intentions for growing the Business of Healthcare podcast in 2020
  • Highlights of my work in 2019 and what I am proud of from the year
  • Why I am being more open with sharing my future goals with my team
  • How my mindset changed in 2019 and whether I want to bring that mindset into 2020
  • How having an organized system increased my clarity and helped me become more productive
  • Why I like to have a plan and how it helps me organize my priorities
  • What I am currently reflecting on in terms of my professional role and strengths
  • An analogy to think about if you work in primary care and are seeking leadership direction
  • Balancing flexibility with focused direction, considering both day-to-day tasks and your long-term vision
  • Why you can and should plan your next 90 days with intention as you look to what you want to achieve
  • The importance of analysing your resources when strategising your action plan
  • What to do if you are interested in being featured on the Business of Healthcare Podcast



Resources Mentioned




Improving the Business of Healthcare - One Episode at a Time


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