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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

Jan 16, 2020

Dr. Hussain Gandhi is a General Practitioner, trainer, and Primary Care Network Clinical Director. He is the founder of eGPlearning, a company that aims to advance knowledge on topics surrounding healthcare technology and improvements in digital primary care. In addition to working at St Anns Nottingham at the Wellspring Surgery, Dr. Gandhi serves on the RCGP Council as a national representative and is the Treasurer of GP Survival. Dr. Gandhi also co-hosts the eGPlearning Podblast podcast as well as the industry Facebook group, S1 FBUG.


Dr. Gandhi joins me today to discuss his healthcare leadership expertise and his visions for the future of the system. He shares patients’ views on the importance of practitioner access vs. continuity and his insights on the importance of systemic interoperability. Dr. Gandhi also reveals specific determinants of health beyond medical factors and explains the role social prescribers may play as the healthcare system evolves.


“Your health is determined by so many other things outside of your physical and medical health.” - Dr. Hussain Gandhi


This week on The Business of Healthcare:


  • How Dr. Gandhi juggles his many roles and responsibilities
  • Whether practitioner access or continuity is more important to patients and their health outcomes
  • The impact of having a relationship with your health care practitioner, especially when you have a chronic condition
  • What technology will and will not change when it comes to healthcare access
  • Where the NHS lacks in terms of interoperability and how this impacts patients
  • How interoperability helps increase healthcare continuity
  • The importance of reducing practitioner and patient anxiety in implementing new systems and technologies
  • How to determine when to go to your general practitioner and why education surrounding self-care is important
  • Pros and cons of using the internet for searching health symptoms
  • Systemic changes Dr. Gandhi feels are necessary and how he is addressing these issues within his network
  • Non-medical factors that can be determinants of overall health and wellbeing
  • The role of social prescribers in the evolving healthcare paradigm and how this would work in practice
  • The dangers of burnout among general practitioners working in the current healthcare system
  • Gandhi’s hopes of the future of primary healthcare
  • The implications of not having connections between primary and secondary care
  • Advice for general practitioners who want to influence change, combat imposter syndrome, and step into their leadership potential
  • The importance of saying no when necessary to prevent burnout
  • Advice for supporting large-scale change and understanding the implications of change



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