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The Business of Healthcare Podcast with Tara Humphrey

Jun 25, 2020

Matthew Gibbons is a Project and Operations Manager and part of the Time for Care NHS England Sustainable Improvement Faculty. His background is in Software Engineering, and as he branched out into self-employment he discovered himself in Primary Care as the Business and Network Manager for Watergate Primary Care Network in Cornwall.

This is the second episode with Matthew, and this time we are debunking project management myths. We talk about whether you need a project management qualification to do project management, whether it is sad when your project comes to an end and how important trust is in your project. We also cover the flexibility of a project manager and how you can make them work easily for you. At the end Matthew shares his thoughts on how we shouldn’t be afraid of failure, and that we should embrace it.


“Learning from failure is really really important. It’s ok for a project to fail, and do it early and do it quickly because we can learn from it. Failure is something we should embrace.” Matthew Gibbons


This week on The Business of Healthcare:

  • Why you don’t need a project management qualification.
  • How project management in primary care has to be agile.
  • Why it’s not sad when a project comes to an end.
  • How you can work flexibly with your project manager.
  • How important trust is in your project.
  • What documentation you need throughout your project.
  • How to embrace failure.


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