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The Business of Healthcare with Tara Humphrey

May 13, 2020

Again, Tara joins Ben Gowland, the Director of Ockham Healthcare, on his podcast The General Practice Podcast. 

Tara, project management expert, supports the development of Primary Care Networks and GP Federations, and joins Ben again to discuss and reflect on the pandemic from a business and management perspective.

This week Tara and Ben reflect on where they are up to in their own roles, within their own areas, with their focus shifting towards life after Covid-19 and more traditional priorities – but with the added benefit and experience of the best practice that has taken place during recent times.


  • Introductions (0:14)
  • Drive through immunisations (1:14)
  • What has been happening in Tara’s world? (2:35)
  • Planning for life after Covid? (3:06)
  • Considering new priorities in a GP Federation schedule (4:06)
  • The Care Home challenge (4:56)
  • Modelling a new Care Home scheme (5:47)
  • Ben’s experiences of aligning care homes to practices and PCNs (6:46)
  • The network mindset (8:19)
  • Tara and Ben discuss the PCN DES more broadly (9:14)
  • Positive impacts as a result of the pandemic? (9:57)
  • Building on the positives; opportunities for further partnership working (11:01)
  • The theory of change and maintaining momentum (13:16)
  • Th effect of crisis working (14:43)
  • Learning lessons (15:27)
  • What’s next for Tara? (16:06)
  • …and for Ben? (16:58)


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